Dog Nutrition – Why processed pet food is unhealthy

Let’s talk dog nutrition. Before I explore specific diets in my next blog, Dog Nutrition Part II, let’s first consider what the majority of our dogs eat. Over the past 100 years we have been purchasing dog food based on a myth, the myth that dog lovers can feed highly nutritious processed foods in an easy-serve format. I have researched the pet food industry in depth; and it has flourished precisely because we have believed that message and bought into the concept of nutrition in a bag.

And that is because the processed pet food industry has artfully sold us that concept. Yes, I said “concept”, not “product”. Pet parents have bought the idea that we can feed our dogs well from a simple bag of dried food! So easy! Just rip open the bag and pour! Everything we need to nourish our dogs is contained within! But when you learn how this food is designed and produced, you will likely want to avoid it.

For starters, on a basic level, no dog should eat kibble. I am sure you are now curious as to why not! Well, most of the natural nutrition (even when they tout it as “high quality”) burns away as producers cook the food. Because heat removes much of the original nutrition, manufacturers add back vitamins, attempting to re-create the health value found in true whole foods. And I can confirm that even the most expensive dog kibble is not complete. Dogs’ digestive systems best metabolize natural food, not these imitations. You can clearly see why kibble is unhealthy for your dog! In the next post, I will delve into issues specific to canned processed foods.

Did you know there’s actual toxins in processed pet food?

But putting all this aside for a minute, your dog’s kibble may contain something else you don’t want; toxic ingredients! And manufacturers add these to most kibble for a longer shelf life and as filler to increase their profit margins. To understand more deeply how the pet food industry operates, I urge you to see for yourselves everything they do to maximize profits.

Click on “Pet Fooled”image below to see a documentary trailer and rent the full feature.

Pet Fooled documentary about dog nutrition shows why processed dog food is unhealthy for dogs.

So please watch this riveting documentary called Pet Fooled. You will never think the same way about dog food again!! If you are a U.S. Amazon Prime member, you can view this documentary for free, or purchase it. But unfortunately, Amazon outside the U.S. does not always offer it. Canadians can rent or purchase the Pet Fooled documentary on YouTube (see the link above), and it’s well worth the minor cost! To whet your appetite, Wikipedia also summarizes this explosive expos√© about the processed pet food industry.

Here’s an example of one dangerous processed dog food product.

One example of toxicity is the rawhide chew bone. Pet Fooled reveals that many rawhide makers use some alarming ingredients, such as chemical colour and glue to hold the wrapped shape in place. So it looks attractive to us and we buy it for our dogs. I had already been feeding non-processed dog foods for 5 years when this documentary was released. Yet Pet Fooled woke me up to added dangers. I vowed to learn more; I wanted to feed my dog healthful, and not harmful foods and snacks!

Here’s another fact! Pet Fooled showed me that a tiny band of huge players owns all the dog food brands you see in stores. And you notice there are hundreds, giving an impression of choice. How does this effect your pet? Well, the filmmakers uncovered the bitter truth. That no matter which processed dog food we buy, the quality will vary little from the least expensive brands to the most expensive. How can this be? It is because these large pet food companies value efficiency and maximum profit instead of our pets. When they buy ingredients in bulk, they employ them over their total product range. So, you don’t get what you pay for! And this can severely impact your animal’s health!

Your homework!

So here is your homework. Please, please find time to watch the Pet Fooled documentary. It is so important for you to understand how all this works; and in the next post I will show you the alternatives to processed dog foods. I am sure you agree that our pets deserve the very best we can give them! In the meantime, I will write my next segment, Dog Nutrition Part II. Then you will understand why I feed my dog Roxy her non-processed food, and hope you will be inspired to do the same.

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Footnote: Please note that I am not a certified dog nutritionist. The advice I write about in this series about dog nutrition is based on my personal research in my quest to serve the healthiest food possible to my dog Roxy. As a result, I have been coaching countless clients during the past 15 years with the knowledge I have gained not only about nutrition but also in respect to all the other aspects that I discuss in my blog.

Yours in better dog care, Judy

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