My background is in Psychology.  While earning my BA in 2000 at York University in Toronto, I was introduced to the study of animal behaviour and I never looked back!  After graduating, I became more and more interested in how animals tick.  I realized what incredibly fascinating creatures they are, how much our domesticated animals rely on us, and I resolved to get involved in a major way in their lives.  

Later on, I got my own sweet puppy. So, in 2007, I launched a premium dog care business, Executive Pet Concierge, that included providing my clients with over-all dog care guidance.  Along the way, I have continued to master my force-free dog training skills by advancing my studies in dog behaviour.  I have also acquired broad knowledge about dog nutrition and high quality products, plus information about many other aspects of dog care. 

This brings me to this blog space, sharing my knowledge with you!. 

My goal is to provide you with proven, actionable information from my education and experience, and from carefully researched new developments.  Happiest Dogs Ever will help you cut through the often overwhelming volume of products, services and advice in the marketplace to decipher what your pet truly needs.  Here, you will find the tools to give your dog a long, healthy, and happy life.

Yours in better dog care, Judy

Judy with her Mini Poodle Roxy

What People Say

I have never met another person with such depth of knowledge and passion about dogs.

H Hamilton

I always learn something new about dog psychology or care from Judy

M Betts

I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to Judy in 2014. She has given me such peace of mind while my dog-son is in her care

D. Ryan

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