Happiest Dogs Ever Bookstore.
Happiest Dogs Ever Bookstore

A note from Judy Weiss, the author and founder of Happiest Dogs Ever blog content.

Welcome to my book store. I’m so excited to launch my bookstore! Here, you will find a directory of published books so you can own your own library of the topics covered in my blogs and more. Plus, this is the place to quickly access resources referenced in my books.

Published books sorted by most recent date published.

Jan. 20, 2022: Dog Nutrition: Understanding why processed pet food is unhealthy for your dog $2.99 (U.S.).

This book explains why processed food is unhealthy for your dog. Plus, you will learn how the processing operation of pet food itself and the quality of the questionable ingredients included in such food reduces the level of nutrition for your dog.  

You will also discover the behind scenes of my life that led me to question the nutrition in the process food that I was feeding my pets many years ago and understand why I have served Roxy only non-processed food since she was 3 years old.

Additional links to watch the Pet Fooled Documentary. As indicated in this book and in my earlier blog on this topic, this riveting documentary will show you how the processing and selected ingredients in your dog’s kibble and canned food can be unhealthy for your dog. To whet your appetite, Wikipedia also summarizes this explosive exposé about the processed pet food industry.

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