Dog Friendly TallyHo Inn… dogs are welcomed!

My winter wonderland cottage vacation with Roxy!

Have you ever wished you could find that perfect, relaxing home-away-from-home to take a much-needed winter break? And what if that place would not only welcome you, but would allow your dog to stay too? Last week my husband and I stayed at the dog-friendly Tallyho Inn, near Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. We enjoyed a week in the peaceful winter wonderland, exploring by day and cuddling up in our cozy cottage by night, all three of us, husband, dog and I tuckered out from being in the fresh country air. We have stayed there many times in the winter over the years because the cottages are lovely and totally comfortable, and most importantly, dogs are honoured guests too! Our dog Roxy gets excited as soon as we turn off the highway towards the resort!

View of Dog Friendly Tallyho Inn property
Judy and Roxy on the skating rink at Tallyho Inn

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Road trips with your dog in a crash-tested dog crate

Read about my recommended crash tested dog car transport crates.

Whether you’re going on road trips with your dog to the local park or to a far destination, it’s important to keep your dog safe in the car. Although it is possible to find specially designed harnesses to seatbelt your dog in the car, they are not ideal. When you must hit the brakes with force in an emergency, the harness will be pulled back into the dog’s front chest and can cause injury.

Crash tested dog  crates for road trips with your dog.

These are actual dog crates that I keep in my car all of the time so that I’m always ready for a road trip. These crash-tested dog crates are by the brand name Variocage. Variocage dog crates come in many sizes to fit most car models (even for large dogs), and the Canadian distributor, Brave Point Kennels, provides incredible service. They help you to determine which model and size of crate will meet your needs. Norm LeCouvie, the owner of Brave Point Kennels, coached me on how to measure the cargo area of my Kia Soul in order to fit two crates: one for my mini poodle and one for another small dog that I need to transport for my dog walking and boarding service.

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