Dog Friendly TallyHo Inn… dogs are welcomed!

My winter wonderland cottage vacation with Roxy!

Have you ever wished you could find that perfect, relaxing home-away-from-home to take a much-needed winter break? And what if that place would not only welcome you, but would allow your dog to stay too? Last week my husband and I stayed at the dog-friendly Tallyho Inn, near Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. We enjoyed a week in the peaceful winter wonderland, exploring by day and cuddling up in our cozy cottage by night, all three of us, husband, dog and I tuckered out from being in the fresh country air. We have stayed there many times in the winter over the years because the cottages are lovely and totally comfortable, and most importantly, dogs are honoured guests too! Our dog Roxy gets excited as soon as we turn off the highway towards the resort!

View of Dog Friendly Tallyho Inn property
Judy and Roxy on the skating rink at Tallyho Inn

We always enjoy the spectacular winter views on the property of this dog-friendly resort. For example, the ice rink we are standing on is located at the lake right in front of Tallyho Inn! And we love that there are so many activities for people to do on or near this resort. While your dog rests in the warm cottage after his fun and play, you have the opportunity to go cross country skiing, snow shoeing, skating, and snowmobiling. My husband and I were content to spent all of our outdoor time exploring the area with our dog. If more to your taste, you can take a walk, then curl up with your dog and a good book!

activities near the dog friendly Tallyho Inn
Judy and her dog Roxy hiking on the property of Deerhurst Inn

This trip we also hiked in the beautiful scenery on the property of Deerhurst Resort, a short drive away from the dog-friendly Tallyho Inn. The windchill was about -16c that day so we were both dressed super warm! Roxy was wearing her hat, Chilly Dog Aspen Parka, and her Pawz boots that I previously wrote all about! Because of the freezing temperature, I, myself, was wearing the warmest coat on the planet! Truly! In all my years of walking dogs in the dead of winter for my dog care business, I was in constant search of the perfect water-repellent, warm coat. And in 2018 I found it! And it keeps me totally warm in temperatures up to -30c windchill! I will be telling you all about this coat in a post coming soon!

Roxy running in the fully-fenced in dog park at TallyHo Inn

Back at the dog-friendly Tallyho Inn, they also have a fantastic fenced-in park for dogs to run off leash. As you can see, Roxy was loving every minute of it! And by the way, Roxy is 13 years old! Her amazing vitality and great health is partly due to lucky genes. But also she has had daily exercise all of her life, and I have fed her a high quality non-processed food diet for the past 8 years! Coming soon, I will be telling you all about the high quality nutritional diet I provide Roxy and that you will want to feed your dog to give him the best odds of a healthier long life!

Judy’s dog Roxy relaxing in the cottage at TallyHo Inn

Dogs are at home at the dog-friendly TallyHo Inn

dog in main lodge at the dog friendly TallyHo Inn
Judy’s dog Roxy hanging out at the TallyHo’s main lodge

…… and dogs are welcomed to join you in the main lodge.

Judy and her dog Roxy strolling on the lake at sunset at TallyHo Inn

You can take long walks out on the frozen lake with your dog right at TallyHo Inn!

Hope you can soon take a wonderful winter break with your dog at the TallyHo Inn!

Yours in better dog care, Judy.

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