Dog hats and coats to keep your dog warm!

Our dogs have to cope with potential frost bite as much as we do. In 2018 we had a record continuous cold spell in Toronto with -40c windchill for over 6 weeks, so I searched on line for a dog hat to keep my mini poodle’s ears from frost bite. And although we have been lucky so far this winter, I’m sure some of you are living in deep freeze regions and want to make sure your dog is sufficiently warm! Keep your dog cosy in dog hats by Schnitzel dog hats and dog coats by RC Pets, Chilly Dog, and DogGone Smart Aspen Parka.

Continue reading to learn about my favourite brand of dog hats and dog coats.

And I found it on Etsy! A product line called Schnitzel dog hats: SchnitzelKNITS

We should not impose any clothing on dogs for merely aesthetic purposes because many dogs can feel stressed wearing clothing. However, the extreme cold made it necessary to provide a functional hat to protect my dog’s ears from frost bite. To say the least, my mini poodle was not impressed having to wear what she likely perceived as a silly thing. I can say, however, benefiting from my own warm hat, I knew she was much more comfortable than without one outside in that deep cold.

Dog wearing a hand knitted dog hat made by Schntizel brand found on Etsy. To protect dog's ears from frost bite.
My mini poodle modelling her hat
All geared up to head out wearing Dog hats and coats.
My mini poodle modelling her winter gear: Schnitzel dog hat, RC Pets dog coat, PAWZ black dog boots

Which brings me to telling you about three brands of dog coats that I absolutely recommend!

The first brand is my favourite, RC Pets. Not only do they manufacturer high quality products, but also they have built a business with ethical standards. Plus, their dog coats are water resistant, fleece lined, and very cute! This is their story: https://www.rcpets.com/about-us/our-team_2.htm. And they have a broad selection of coats: https://www.rcpets.com/DogCoats/Department.aspx.

Dogs wearing RC Pets dog coats.
My mini poodle and best friend wearing their RC Pets coats.

My next favourite brand is Chilly Dogs. https://chillydogs.ca/product-category/coats-rain-slickers/. These coats are water resistant as well. And I really like their waist cinch. Instead of a velcro attachment at the waist, they have an adjustable strap. This allows one coat size to fit many different shapes and sizes of dogs.

Two different breeds wearing the Chilly Dog dog coats.
This coat fits most any dog’s body-type.

The next dog coat is my go-to parka for dogs! It’s the Dog Gone Smart Aspen Parka brand! https://www.petonly.ca/dog-gone-smart-aspen-parka-dog-jacket

My dog is toasty warm on those well below freezing days in her Dog Gone Smart Aspen Parka! With this coat, you will need to fit it accurately on your dog because although the waist has an elastic band in the fabric, it only contracts to some degree. So if the coat is too big, the waist band will not fit snuggly and cold air will travel into the chest area of the coat.

Dogs wearing  their dog DogGone Smart Coat and RC Pet dog coats
My mini poodle in her parka and her best friend in her RC Pets coat

Curious about other awesome winter gear for dogs? Go to: my dog boot report to see my recommended brands of dog boots!

Yours in better dog care, Judy

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