A dog proof trash bin – Amazing!

Dog proof trash bin
Dog Proof Trash Bin

Does your dog like to get into the bathroom trash bin to pull out and chew up soiled tissue? Oh the fun they have doing this! And, always when you are not there to prevent the mess! Well, my dog was the master tissue bandit! And I found the perfect dog proof trash bin to solve the problem. So I purchased it on Amazon!

It’s called “Simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Butterfly Lid Bathroom Step Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel“.

Not only is this trash bin sleek looking and a great size for small bathrooms, but unless a dog is trained to press on the step peddle, he won’t be able to get it open. I can vouch for this because my mini poodle was expert at mining trash bins for tissue until I bought this bin.

Here’s how this dog proof trash bin works. The butterfly lid only opens by stepping on the peddle and it only stays open by keeping your foot on the peddle. The moment you remove your foot, the lid begins to close. Another nice feature of this Simplehuman trash bin is that when the butterfly split lids close, they close slowly and without a sound! So there’s no lid-slamming noise to attract your dog’s attention that you have added new tissue to one of his favourite pass times! Your dog may be disappointed when he realizes he can’t do his favourite past time activity anymore. So it’s important that you give him lots of other fun things to do instead such as having his favourite toys available for him to play with.

So check out the video below and see for yourself how this dog proof trash bin works!

Simplehuman trash bin

So never spend time picking up shredded used tissue again!

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Yours in better dog care, Judy.

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