Commission Disclosure

Please note that I ONLY review products that I have personally tested and that meet my high quality standards.  All opinions remain my own and I am not influenced in any way by the companies who may provide me with free product, or pay me an affiliate commission, or enter into any other type of sponsorship with me.

And effective  September 2020, I began participating in affiliate programs.

Current Affiliate Program Enrolments:

This means that when you click on a link that takes you to one of these affiliate’s program websites and subsequently purchase any product on that site (within a period of time controlled by the affiliate), I will receive an affiliate commission from that sale.  This will assist me to continue writing interesting and helpful blogs that will enrich your dog’s life.

In those specific blogs where I may earn a potential commission, or when a brand gifts me with a product, I will clearly declare these facts prior to reviewing the product(s). In all other blogs where you see no commission statement or gift declaration, this confirms I am not sponsored in any manner for any of the products reviewed in that specific blog post. Please note that I purchase all “non-gifted” items to test because they appeal to me for their function and quality, and not because that product is sold through an affiliate program.

I thank you for your support!

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