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dog in blanket on couch

Cosy on a cold winter’s day!

Playing in the snow. Having a great time!

These are examples of a dog’s life enrichment!

Dog Nutrition

Look at Judy's dog lives a dog's life enrichment

Judy with her mini poodle Roxy

Healthiest Options

It is easier than you think to provide the best quality nutrition to your dog. This is one of many topics we’ll cover regarding your dog’s life enrichment.

Dog Behaviour

Learn how your dog communicates

This dog is getting Judy's dog's life enrichment.

Discover her language

Read your dog’s social and other cues in order to prevent problems in behaviour or health.

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Upcoming Topics:

  • how do dogs feel about crates?
  • what signs to look for in a high quality dog walker or boarding service?
  • how to keep your dog safe when enjoying a car ride
  • what you should know about tick and flea medication
  • and much more to help enrich your dog’s life!!!

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This Bassett Hound is living a dog's life enrichment.
Yorkshire Terrier at window knows what Judy's dog's life enrichment is all about.

How can you maintain your dog’s fitness over his lifetime?

Judy will share her tips with you for ways to promote your dog’s strength and agility

A moment of dogs experiencing  a dog's life enrichment.

Fun with friends

Another example of a dog living with a dog's life enrichment.

A fit dog is a happy dog

A moment of a two dogs enjoying a dog's life enrichment.

Enjoying the view

Learn from someone who is a proven expert in her field. Read Judy’s Bio and see what her clients say.

Havanese lounging on deck living the ultimate  dog's life enrichment.

What People Say

“Judy is my ultimate authority on dogs.  She has cared for my pet since 2008.  My girl is happy, healthy, and is a social delight to take anywhere! I trust Judy’s care and advice.”

Jackie Gallant

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