A Snuffle Mat dog game – for all breeds

In my previous post, I showed you a fun dog puzzle game called Dog Hide N Slide. I said that although that dog puzzle is fantastic, it is not suitable for all breeds. Specifically, that game may not be suitable for dogs with compact noses. And it may not be appropriate for breeds that are structurally too short or too small to effectively interact with that game. But I promised that I would be writing a post about another dog puzzle game soon. So, here it is! I am now very excited to tell you about the Pet Snuffle Mat that I purchased from Amazon!

Watch this video below to see what the Pet Snuffle Mat is all about.

Below is a photo of Roxy’s friend, Gelato, playing with this dog nose game.

Dog playing with the Pet Snuffle Mat

Watch the video below to see Gelato play with the Pet Snuffle Mat.

There are literally thousands of this type of snuffle mat on the market. And I researched dozens of product descriptions and consumer reviews before I chose this one. I chose the Pet Snuffle Mat that is sold on Amazon initially because the product description indicated features that were important to me. The Snuffle Mat had to be soft, durable, have a non-slip bottom, and be machine washable!

After checking out the essential requirements, I looked at many reviews. The material was verified to be soft but strong, so that a dog could not easily tear it and ingest it. Reviewers also appreciated the lack of harsh chemical smells on the fabric. And they confirmed that the product has a non-slip backing. Several reviews did bring up a possible negative, that this product could be too light for a large dog that can pick it up and shake all the treats out of the mat. Which defeats the purpose of the nose the work.

Why is this product a great choice?

Pet Snuffle Mat really lives up to the Amazon product description and its great performance is reflected in the vast majority of reviews. Plus, you can see in my demonstration video how well it works.

I also value that this product is light weight for the dog parent to handle wet or dry. Some of the reviews on line for similar mats indicate that those products are extremely heavy when wet from washing. But granted, those mats are likelier to also be heavier than this Pet Snuffle Mat when dry. And alternatives might be suitable for very large dogs that might be prone to picking up the snuffle mat and cheating by getting the treats out of the mat by shaking the mat.

So let your dog’s nose go to work!

Yours in better dog care, Judy.

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