Dog Hide N Slide – A dog puzzle game

Check out this dog puzzle game called “Dog Hide N Slide”by Outward Hound. While you and your dog are likely getting bored staying home for social distancing through this Coronavirus situation, you can enjoy keeping your dog busy by playing this game! Among the many fun and important topics I will be writing about, I definitely wanted to include a category of fun games and activities to enrich your dog’s life!

Photo of Roxy engaged in this game

Dog playing with Dog Hide N Slide puzzle game

Today, I will tell you all about the DOG HIDE N’ SLIDE  by Outward Hound game. This is a mental stimulation game that will challenge your dog every time! Watch the video below for my demonstration on how this game works. One of the nice things about this game is that there are no removable parts. This means there are no pieces to be pulled off and become a choking hazard for your dog. Plus, you will never lose any pieces.

Watch my demo video below to see how it works.

Watch the video below and see Roxy play with the Dog Hide N Slide!

As you can see, this game provides lots of nose work activity which not only stimulates your dog mentally, but is also very fun for him! And this game allows so many opportunities for your dog to learn new skills while he hunts for treats. The first time my dog played this game, she fumbled around trying to get the large flaps open to get the treats. I brought it out again after 2 weeks, and this time, she approached the game in a slower, more methodical manner and got all the goodies with fewer mistakes. The video shows her 3rd time playing after a gap of two additional months. And you can tell that she had to experiment a bit until she got it right.

Prevent your dog from becoming frustrated.

So you can tell that Dog Hide N Slide challenges the animal to solve the problem of how to get each treat. Please note that if your dog gets frustrated trying to retrieve a treat while he figures out how to play with this game, be sure to help him. Move parts so that he can see the flaps open with treats inside. If your dog becomes discouraged, he may develop an aversion to the game and won’t want to play again. With your help when indicated, he eventually will learn by exploring and experimentation. And this is what you want! This is mental stimulation in action, and will reap those healthy outcomes of increased mental capacity and engagement in your pet. So what is the best way to introduce this excellent game? Start slowly by only placing treats in the large-flap holes initially, with no treats placed in the round sliding small-hole towers. You can add those when your dog has mastered the large-flap challenge.

Mental stimulation is equally as important as physical exercise. Both provide what your dog needs to be happy, healthy, and tired.

If your dog gets to use both his mind and body, he will have done his job for the day and will be content to lounge for the remainder!

Dog Hide N Slide is not for all breeds.

This game is not appropriate for all breeds. Especially dogs with compact noses will be unable to play this game. As well, if their overall structure is too short or small, even their paws will be ineffective tools. But don’t worry! I will soon be posting a follow up blog to show you a fantastic dog nose game suitable for all breeds.

Because you will be placing treats in the holes of this product, I would recommend washing it at the end of each day that your dog has played with the Dog Hide N Slide in order to keep it clean. I reached out to the manufacturer, Outward Hound, and confirmed that the game can be rinsed with water and soap. And I actually washed the game with warm water and dish soap and allowed it to air dry. And it dried without any damage or soap stains.

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Yours in better dog care, Judy.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Hide N Slide – A dog puzzle game”

  1. Good to know about this puzzle to help with a dog’s mental acuity. Found it in two versions at my local pet shop. My dog being a senior now, still likes to forage for treats, and this is a good, sturdy looking toy.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mark! Yes, this particular product I can attest that it is extremely sturdy and durable! And, for sure, this is a kind of game a senior dog can enjoy using their sense of smell!! Coming soon, the next game product that I will be writing about will be even easier for your dog achieve success but still very much engage their sense of smell at any age!

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