A dog grooming brush-blow dryer

Recently, I took you on my journey of grooming Roxy while dog groomers were closed down due to COVID-19. Well since then I learned about a dog grooming 2-in-1 brush-blow dryer, and I had to test it out! So I ordered it from Amazon.

The Ownpet 2-in-1 Pet brush-bllow Dryer

Ownpets 2-in-1 Pet Blow Dryer

A dog grooming 2-in-1 brush and blow dryer combined!

Beautiful summer weather invites our dogs to roll in the grass, among many other messy canine activities! So I knew that Roxy was going to need a bath before her next grooming appointment. But every time she had a bath, it was always difficult to blow dry her fur. It required holding a brush in one hand, and holding the blow dryer in the other hand. This two-handed method meant I had to periodically stop blow drying in order to brush through tangles. And only then could I resume blow drying her fur.

So I purchased this product from Amazon to see if it would make blow-drying Roxy easier. And when I received my Ownpets 2-in-1 Pet Blow Dryer, her next grooming appointment wasn’t for another week. And, she really needed a bath! So I had just the right opportunity to test out my new tool.

What are the features of the Ownpets 2-in-1 Pet Blow Dryer?

The first thing I did was test the heat it generated, the force of air, and the noise level. And I discovered that it was much quieter, the force of air was softer, and the heat level was much lower than with my personal blow dryer. Plus, the force of the air has two levels! It’s also very easy to set it to the lower force, heat, and noise levels. Simply slide the “on” button to the first position.

The unique feature of this blow dryer is that the brush is attached to the blow dryer! So you only need to hold the single appliance in one hand!

With my personal dryer, I had to repeatedly stop blow drying Roxy when I came across tangles. This was because I needed to gently hold sections of her fur close to her skin in one hand, so I didn’t tug fur while brushing through her fur with the other hand. Once the tangles were gone, I resumed blow drying by placing the brush in one hand and the blow dryer in the other hand. This was tedious and took a long time!

You can hold this dog grooming 2-in-1 brush-blow dryer in one hand!

But this brush-blow dryer requires only one hand! So now I can use my free hand to hold the sections of fur to prevent tugging. There’s no need to repeatedly turn off and put down the dryer during the blow drying process anymore! I am very happy with this new appliance. It’s much better to use on my dog than my personal blow dryer.

I gave Roxy a bath and thoroughly dried her COAT

So I gave Roxy a bath using the shampoo and conditioner that I recommended in part II of my dog grooming series. Then I thoroughly towel dried her. The more excess water you remove by towel drying, the faster you will be able to finish blow drying your dog! And this is easier on your dog also, because he or she will need to stay still for less time.

This 2-in-1 brush-blow dryer also comes with a chamois. So after I bathed Roxy, I first dried her off with a thick towel. Then I used the chamois to finish drying her entire body, especially the under side of her floppy ears!

I found that the chamois works very well to absorb the final moisture layer!

Thoroughly and Gently dry the ears

If your dog has floppy ears, he or she is more susceptible to an ear infection from a bath. This is because floppy ears lie down over the coat and can trap moisture. This moisture could potentially travel down into the ear canal and cause an ear infection. That’s why it’s imperative to dry the undersides and the exposed parts of ear interiors on dogs with floppy ears.

So I recommend that you use the chamois on each ear to gently wipe dry the undersides and the exposed ear interiors. Of course, apply only light pressure around the surface of the ear canal without entering the ear canal.

It was so easy and fast to blow dry Roxy with her new brush-blow dryer!

Once Roxy was thoroughly towel dried, I proceeded with blow drying her fur with this dog grooming 2-in-1 brush-blow dryer. Even on the lowest power level I was able to finish blow drying in about 10 minutes because she has a very short hair cut.

During the COVID-19 lockdown Roxy’s fur was much longer and it took what seemed like ages to blow dry her entire body using my personal blow dryer. I wish I had known about this 2-in-1 brush-blow dryer then! I would have finished blow drying her longer fur in a fraction of the time because of all the great features!

Poodle posing after being being bow dried with a dog grooming 2-in-1 brush-blow dryer.

Roxy posing with her Ownpets 2-in-1 Pet Blow Dryer styled hair do !

So although we depend on professional dog groomers to groom our dogs, there are always times when we need to bathe and blow dry them ourselves. And this Ownpets 2-in-1 Pet Blow Dryer is an excellent tool to add to your grooming kit that you learned about in my earlier post Grooming Your Dog – during COVID-19 – Part II.

Because it meets my high quality standard, I am happy to offer the Ownpets 2-in-1 Pet Blow Dryer for purchase right here on my blog!

Yours in better dog care, Judy.

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