The best dog walking winter coat for you!

Find out what coat Judy wears to keep her warm in the deep freeze.

warmest winter coat made in Canada

My Dog Walking Winter Coat is Exceptionally Cosy & Warm

So as I mentioned in my earlier blog, Dog Friendly TallyHo Inn… dogs are welcomed!, I promised that I would tell you about my best-ever dog walking winter coat! In all my years walking dogs in freezing temperatures, I have never found one that kept me warmer. So that’s what this post is all about!

My coat brand name is Tempo Equestrian. I bought it and a number of other outerwear and activewear pieces at Green Hawk, a Canadian nationwide retailer to the horsey set. And Tempo Equestrian is their store’s house brand.

A Dog Walking Winter Coat: Originally Designed for Equestrian Riders

It hadn’t occurred to me to check out an equestrian store for clothing until a fellow professional dog walker pointed the way. She used to be a horseback rider and then carried on using the brand when walking dogs. Riders need their clothes to protect them from the elements, keep them super warm in the winter, keep them as cool as possible in the summer and never restrict their movement. And it all made sense to me! This also explains why their coats include such practical pockets because horse riders can’t carry a purse when riding.

A Winter Coat for dog walking in below freezing temperatures

In Toronto during the winter of 2018, there were 3-4 consecutive weeks of temperatures around -30c before the windchill was factored in. Thankfully I found this wonderful coat that year. Even the winter of 2019 and now 2020 have brought sporadic weeks of -16c with windchill. My Tempo Equestrian coat from Green Hawk came through and kept me completely warm! Plus, since it is designed for athletic activity, my body is not restricted while I walk the dogs, bend down to attend to their needs, and clean up their messes!

What are the features of this winter coat?

See why this coat is designed so warm!

Faux fur lining

As you can see in this photo, the lining is a thin layer of faux fur that covers my entire back and front torso. And this dog walking coat also has a comfortable fur lining along the collar that wraps entirely around my neck and allows the lower part of my face to feel cosy against that fur.

Zippered outside pocket

 practical design
Judy’s coat has a phone pocket

This dog walking coat has a great deep zippered pocket located just outside the main zipper of the coat. So you can reach into the pocket to access your phone, keys, bank cards, etc., without having to unzip your coat and get cold. And you won’t have to carry a purse!

Zippered inside pocket

 practical design

On the inside of the coat, there is another deep zippered pocket where you can carry a wallet – or anything you don’t need to access regularly.

high quality winter coat


Here, you can see the inside of the coat plus the location of the inside pocket.

A winter coat designed with Style and practicality

This coat is very attractive!

Take a look at what the Green Hawk Tempo Equestrian coat looks like zipped up. I love that the two front pockets are also lined with that soft faux fur. I use mittens that can open at the fingers. That way, I am able to easily grasp treats for the dogs. So the fur-lined pockets keep my fingers warm.

Where can you buy this dog walking winter coat?

So after I had already written all about this fantastic dog walking coat, I was ready to prepare the link for you. To my great disappointment, the Green Hawk website no longer had my coat! And sadly I found out from their chat customer service that they had discontinued the coat in 2019 after it had been available for several winter seasons. And since Green Hawk designs and manufactures this brand, you can’t find it anywhere else. Like most clothiers, this company changes their product line regularly to keep the selection fresh. Please see below the coat Green Hawk customer service suggested is most similar to mine: https://greenhawk.com/wdItemDesc.asp?strilhID=Web&strmdNumber=DRC9838&stricSKU=DRC9838

If spring, can winter be far behind?

So, it is beginning to feel a lot like spring! Hooray! You may not need a winter coat for walking your dog this year. However, before summer is finished, I would recommend that you look into the coat in the above link. In fact, check out Green Hawk’s whole assortment of winter gear in case there is a coat that they develop in the meantime that works even better for you. Whatever the model, I can attest that Green Hawk’s design and materials are superior and will provide years of excellent service.

Coming soon…..

Soon I will be writing a post featuring the best cooling shirts for summer that I bought in 2019 and I have been told will be back in stock in April. So stay tuned about that!

Yours in better dog care, Judy

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